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Tentacle Sex Bundle Lola Grey

Tentacle Sex Bundle

Lola Grey

Kindle Edition
30 pages
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 About the Book 

This 10,000 word bundle contains the following stories:Yielding to the Tentacle:Jane is a young college student working at the local aquarium to make ends meet.But when the newest specimen - a rare octopus donated by a government research facility - transforms into an enormous, lustful monster eager to breed, Jane finds herself trapped in its tentacled grasp.This 3500 word story includes reluctant monster breeding, anal sex, and plenty of pleasuring tentacles.Bred to the Tentacle:Between vacation, a new beach house with the perfect view, and more time to spend with her husband, Megan couldnt be happier.But when the peace of her picture-perfect new life is shattered by a tentacled monster with an insatiable urge to breed, Megan discovers that danger is everywhere...even in paradise.This 3,000 word story contains explicit tentacle sex and reluctant monster breeding.Claimed by the Tentacle:Karas dream of going into space has turned into a life full of routines. To make matters worse, she is stuck working with a man who seems oblivious to her feelings for him.But when her job puts Kara face-to-face with a tentacled creature determined to claim her body, will she fight back or give in to desire?This 4000 word story features forceful tentacles and rough sex in every hole!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Excerpt:She wrestled with the tentacle, thrashing, kicking her legs and squirming with all the strength she could muster, but more of them unfurled, pinning her spread-eagle against the glass. Fatigue set in quickly, sapping her muscles until struggling any more became useless.Oscar—or, what used to be Oscar—simply watched her for a moment. Suddenly another tentacle reared up only inches from Jane’s face to tear away the regulator. She pursed her lips, filling her cheeks with air, but it was too late. In a matter of seconds she was feeling lightheaded.Jane let go, a cloud of bubbles erupting from her mouth and nose. Waiting for such an opportunity, the tentacle surged forward to glide over her tongue, stopping near the back of her throat and forcing her to close down around it. Her eyes widened as she held back a gag. The thing was slimy, with a slightly salty taste reminiscent of seawater.The appendage flared against the roof of Jane’s mouth, and by some miracle a stream of air flowed down to fill her lungs. Somehow, the fleshy bulb at the end of that tentacle was keeping her alive for as long as she cooperated.That brief moment of relief gave way to dread when yet another tentacle gripped her ankle.Rather than holding her in place like the others, it inched along her leg, creeping up the tender flesh of her bare inner thigh. The tentacle continued its course, slithering across her mound and sending an involuntary shudder through her body. Finally it coiled around her breast, where a firm squeeze elicited a muffled cry from Jane.She hated to admit it, but in the midst of it all a hot flash of pleasure blossomed between her splayed thighs...