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V šachu Sandra Brown

V šachu

Sandra Brown

Published 2004
198 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The car was in cruise control, but her brain was in overdrive.The most cliched book I have ever read! I do not recommend it. Ambitious TV reporter just so happens to be in the convenience store where a young runaway couple she is investigating come in to rob the place? Luckily, when the young pregnant teen goes into labor there is a handsome rugged doctor to deliver the baby. He also has a dark past, of course, to draw in the heroine.Dont forget the Hispanic man also in the store who is one the Ten Most Wanted! Why not?Sandra Brown says she wrote this for a book club! Book clubs generally like to have discussions about symbolism and characters from the books they read, and I dont see anything to talk about in Standoff. Brown even compliments herself on writing complicated characters- they arent clear cut bad or good. The main protagonists in the book seem to be pretty basic- calm and clear-headed, helpful and compassionate. As for bad guys, what about the man who started this whole situation? The young teens father drove the kids away, cared nothing for what his daughter wanted, threatened to kill his new-born granddaughter, AND- SPOILER ALERT- shoots the boyfriend!. He sounds like a pretty bad guy.Brown says in the intro, the action inside the convenience store covers approximately the amount of time it will take you to read it,. I think it is also the amount of time Brown put into writing it.